Ashley SmalleySmalley2

Parma Senior High School

What are some of your academic achievements and extracurricular activities?

Ashley is a member of the Teaching Professions course that is offered at Parma Senior High School.  She was an honor roll student her Junior year of high school, and a merit roll student her freshmen and sophomore year of high school.  Ashley is also a member of the Varsity Girls’ Basketball Team at Parma Senior High School.

What are your plans after high school?

After graduation Ashley plans on attending the University of Mount Union , where she would like to pursue a degree in education and eventually become a high school science teacher.  She is also interested in pursuing the opportunity of being a high school level basketball coach as well.

What is the greatest opportunity that you have received during your time at Parma Senior High School?

Ashley said that the greatest opportunity she has received at Parma Senior High School was the opportunity to take the Teaching Professions course that is available to high school seniors.  This course introduces college-bound seniors to the teaching profession and gives them a head start on the path to a successful teaching career.  Instructional topics include instructional strategies, history of education, diverse learning styles, appropriate learning atmosphere, and monitoring and assessing student performance.


Jennifer Lanza - 2016 Normandy High School Graduate

Jennifer LanzaJenniferLanza2

Normandy High School

What are some of your academic achievements and extracurricular activities?

Academics have always been one of my strongest points; I attribute this to the drive my parents built in to me from a very young age. In high school, I am in the top 5% of my class with a 4.5 cumulative GPA, and have earned the AP scholar award. However, I am more proud of what I have done for my school and community. My start of service began in the 7th grade when I was chosen to represent my class on the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council (SSAC), which has led to many opportunities such as the PCSD Emotional Intelligence Committee, a District PBIS student representative, and youth representative for the Parma Area MyCom Council. As an active member of MyCom, I am very proud to be a member facilitating the Parma area Neighborhood Mobilization Team, an effort to bring together the schools, government, small business, police force, etc. in the community as a collaborative for a more efficient and well-run city. Inside of Normandy, I was captain of our cross-country team, tuba co-section leader in marching band, a lifeguard for the swim team, have ran track, played softball, and participated in student government. I am an active member of National Honor Society, Senior Advisory Board, and Academic Challenge. Outside of school, I work as a lifeguard at Middleburg Heights Community Center.

What are your plans after high school?

I plan to study biomedical engineering with a specialization in neuroscience. Recently, I have considered the option of going to medical school. I would love to do research, but also am very inclined to continue in the health professions interacting with people. First aid at my lifeguarding jobs has made an impact on how I can help individuals on a personal level, and I could definitely see myself very comfortable as a surgeon. My top schools of choice for undergrad are Ohio State University, University of Pittsburg, Columbia University, and Duke University.

What is the greatest opportunity that you have received during your time at Normandy High School?

The greatest opportunities I received at Normandy were SSAC, my sophomore year lifeguarding class, and cross-country. SSAC brought many opportunities and networks that led to having an active role in improving my community. Lifeguarding has gotten me three jobs I enjoy and tons of field experience with people and high-stress/high-stakes scenarios. I would consider some of my connections through cross-country to be of the upmost importance. It was never a sport I intended to do, and it was a friend who made me join with her. My third and senior year enabled me to bring hope and confidence into my runners, and I’ve been able to mentor several of the girls through academics and life lessons. Being able to apply my experiences and mistakes to help my runners is a chance I may never have gotten otherwise, and I am thankful that the team did not and still does not have try-outs. I probably never would have joined, and I would have never gotten my opportunity to work hard, compete, and emerge as a leader.


Dustin Nelson - 2016 Valley Forge High School Graduate

Academic achievements and extracurricular activities:
As a senior at Valley Forge High School, I am currently number one in my class with a 4.7 cumulative GPA and I earned a 5.0 GPA last quarter. I have taken and passed six AP tests (AP European History, AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Physics, AP English Language and Composition and AP Calculus AB) leading to my earning of the AP Scholar with Distinction Award. I am a member of Model UN at my school, where I was awarded for Excellent Delegation. I am the President of Senior Advisory Board and Student Council, a member of the Academic Challenge Team, Morning Announcements and National Honor Society. I am also on the Varsity football and baseball teams. I earned the Scholar Athlete award for all of my seasons as member of those teams. In August and September, I was also honored as Male Scholar Athlete of the Month. In addition to my other extracurricular activities, I also work at Paisano’s Pizza.

What are your plans after High School?
After high school, I plan on attending a four-year university studying Biology. My top choices include The Ohio State University, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, University of Pittsburgh and some slight interest in Yale University. I plan on attending medical school after I graduate and studying to become a sports doctor or pediatrician.

What was the greatest opportunity you received during your time attending Valley Forge High School?
The biggest opportunity that my school has offered me is the chance to be very active in my school. A big part of applying to college, besides having success in academics, is being able to do that with a busy schedule. Valley Forge has offered so many chances for leadership and expressing my academic and athletic abilities. I took advantage of this by being president of two student governments, being a member of Model UN and the Academic Challenge team and being a part of two Varsity sports. Valley Forge has giving me plenty of opportunities to grow as a student and fill my college resume.

Bailey Markowski - 2016 Parma Senior High School Graduate


Academic and Athletic Achievements:
My academic and athletic achievements throughout high school include maintaining a 4.6 GPA, passing four AP Exams (AP European History, AP Physics, AP U.S History, AP Language and Composition), receiving highest honors every year of high school as well as the student-athlete award yearly, receiving the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association Academic Award, the AP Scholar with Honor Award from College Board, being the first member of the Redmen 500 Club, and the JV Coaches Award my sophomore year. I belong to National Honors Society, Student Council, and I play basketball for Parma.

What are your plans after High School?
My plans after high school are to attend a four-year university and study Political Science with a minor in History. I am currently deciding between Ohio State, Ohio University, and Xavier University, as well as very mildly considering Yale. I then plan on going to law school and earning my degree to become a human rights lawyer.

What was the greatest opportunity you received during your time attending Parma Senior High School?
The greatest opportunity I have received with the Parma City School District is when my AP U.S History class took a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia, my junior year. Unlike the trip we took in eight grade to Washington D.C, our class as a whole had a much better understanding of the history we were seeing that had been recreated for us, and were able to appreciate it much more. The town is designed as though it was still the time of the American Revolution, and is filled with actors who tell stories of the time period in interactive scenes. It was truly one of the most fun things I’ve been apart of with the school district.